The True Somanabolic Muscle By Cal

When you are skinny the benefit of being skinny is that you have a super fast metabolism allowing you to eat whatever you want, however this same benefit is a drawback for skinny guys. Sure you do not have to worry about putting on fat but it is difficult to put on muscle when your metabolism is so fast.  

If you are reading this pay very close attention. What you need is to find out and weight despite. This is a simple concept to grasp but much harder to execute. Nevertheless it is vital to your success in muscle building.

Let’s make one thing clear though. Metabolism does help build muscle, however muscle building for skinny guys takes much more work and dedication to achieve your muscle gaining goals. It also takes an effective exercise routine and diet. It is super important for you to follow a guide that…

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Testosterone Is It Really needed?

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The True Somanabolic Muscle By Cal

Well Today I though I take a closer look A something Most People have Little or no knowledge of  or what it does, We see in Health Food stores a variety of testosterone boosters which most of the time they are a waste of money, One can can merely boost your testosterone by consuming the right foodstuff and rosemary and increase it as nature intended. Let’s look at the best sources. To intensify testosterone physically is safer and cheaper than other testosterone substitute methods.

 Sage will not only cure low testosterone rather they will also increase your libido and enhance your overall wellness at the same time. Before we start on the herbs there is one mineral that you need to make sure you’re getting enough of and that’s zinc. The zinc substance of the prostate gland and sperm is advanced in any other body tissue and if you don’t eat…

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Muscle fitness is the dream of any youth today – be it a male or a female. There is no shortage of gymnasiums to work out. There are also innumerable supplements in the market. These supplements guarantee the best of the muscle layouts for your body. The problem is as human nature goes we want the biggest the Hardest the bad’st body we can humanely get by almost any means possible. I laugh at this but let me focus on us men for now, I am no different than anyone else out their I want the best body possible, you can say ego and that’s true I love to see the ladies heads turn when I walk by in my tank top or guys at the gym looking when I do my curls for my biceps. We often at times look at the huge muscles that some people put on and often try to emulate that physique by lifting more weight, consuming more protein and all the popular supplements the are on the market only to find out that genetics plays a large part in especially if you have a high metabolism which I have and it took me years to realize that, but the really big wake up call came when talking to some female friends of mine about body building and they are telling me that they find men with large massive muscles unattractive in a man not natural looking now that shock me, so I started asking around a lot of women I know and most said the same thing. So now I really want to know what is that dream body and I found it was proportion, the proper ratio of shoulders to waist its, not the amount of mass you pack on its proportion to your size . It seems there is something in the correct proportions women seem to like. Fortunate for me I could never pack on a lot of muscle so I change my focus from packing on mass muscle which was all ways hard for me to do to focusing on proper proportions which meant a change in some of the supplements taking. With a change in training I found I got better gains this of course was not with out trial and error. I soon found a program that was answer to this quest I was on. One of the mind set that had to change was remove the misconception that if you exercise too much you will have more muscle power. Neither over-exercise nor lift excessive weights will do. There is a limit to everything. Most importantly, our bodies will tolerate strains only up to a limit. Do the exercises leisurely. One things for sure if you get beyond all the hype that is out their and focus on what is natural for your I cant stress that enough your body type you will get that Dream Body. This is just one man’s opinion. But if you want that body that majority of the women are attractive to I urge you to watch this video click on the Link you wont be disappointed …..Click Here …. ….Like  our Facebook at Fitness for life.

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The True Somanabolic Muscle By Cal

We live in a world of Fast Foods, Quick Fixes and The Perfect Body What is really behind the weight loss photos we see in Ads and marketing campains. on the billboards, the amazing transformation you see on the cover of People magazine, the “before and after” ad for the new diet pill with an asterisk next to the small print reading: *Results not typical.

I knew it because Courtney Cox went from being a lonely, dateless loser who breaks porch swings and didn’t have a prom date to a svelte and sexy crop top-wearing serial man-eater on Friends., Sarah Rue didn’t get the cover of any magazines until she dropped five dress sizes.  Whether you are seeing it on the silver screen or network cable, on the cover of a magazine or in the pages of a novel, the weight loss Cinderella story you are told is always the same. Lose the…

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I ask that question because You’ve probably heard it over and over again about the importance of eating a balanced diet for more than a million times by now yet miserably fail at being able to practice it. As a kid we’ve been taught about the “go,” “grow,” and “glow” foods; the food pyramid; and the food groups but don’t observe these in our meals once we reach adulthood.

We complain about not eating right, wanting to lose weight, or finding difficulty in searching for the perfect diet without realizing the most effective way is embedded in our memory. Knowledge truly is power if you know what to do with it. We know that each meal should consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber in correct proportions and amounts. But partly why we don’t follow this is because we don’t really realize the significance of each. HowToLoseYourBellyFatWithNutrition (1)

Carbohydrates function as our main energy sources. These come in the form of bread, rice, pasta, starch, etc. In order to avoid excessive weight gain, only consume what you believe is enough to get you through the day. What you don’t burn is stored in the body as back-up energy.
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Proteins that we get from meat, seafood, legumes, and certain vegetables contain enzymes our body needs for muscle growth and repair. This is why body builders and weight trainers rely a lot on high-protein diets. However, if you’re daily activity doesn’t require large amounts of protein, stick to smaller proportions.

Consumption of small quantities of vitamins and minerals (especially from fruits and vegetables) are enough to keep the body healthy. Each component aims at providing good eyesight, great skin, strong bones, and so on and so forth. Fiber is another component that is often neglected by many individuals, but is by far one of the most important. It aids in the digestive process and keeps us away from any colon, rectal, or digestive diseases.

With this in mind you’ll hopefully observe healthy and balanced meals regularly.

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Did you know that ab muscles mean extremely little, if they are covered by fat around the belly, and so also those that operate hard doing sit-ups but have weight to lose truly are working to absolutely nothing. The excess weight covering the stomach should go, in order for your stomach muscles to disclose themselves.

With said you are require to remove all refined flour and sugar from your consuming program, lowered liquor, get rid of deep-fried and rapid dishes, and consume added fresh food, fruit, greens, lean healthy protein like eggs and chick bust, and nuts and seeds.

Consuming is yet another regular kind of self-medicating stress and anxiety, and other psychological difficulties as well. Certain types of foods especially appear to be consumed throughout nervous united states. Eating foods for psychological relief is often described as comfort consuming, and the meals under such scenarios are typically fattening, wonderful, or both. The logic behind consuming high glucose, high gram calorie meals during anxiety or other distress is likely the prompt sense of bodily satisfaction these meals provide. The noticeable disadvantage to this kind of coping is that these home cooking, though the could temporarily deliver fulfillment, reason bodily damage if eaten on a steady basis.

To acquire a flat tummy you will have to begin by taking an appeal at your consuming regular. If you are seriously considering getting a flat belly, stop consuming at least two hours prior to bed time.


You must make an effort to attempt not to eat over 2500 fats each day. You can still consume tasty meals without going hungry. One piece of pizza from a convenience food dining establishment consists of about FIVE HUNDRED fats whereas a turkey sandwich total with slim mayo, mustard, two pieces of whole wheat bread, in addition to a predicament and 9 slices of turkey contains only about 230 calories.  Who wants flat abs and a healthier life

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Which brings us to the last trouble – “spot reduction” doesn’t operate. When you lose a pound, your physique decides where to take it from. There’s no way to “target” your abdominals (or other body area), to specifically lose fat from that region.

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Whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder, fitness model, competitive athlete or just want to look good in a bathing suit – this system has been proven to work time and time again!

Now is the time!

Interval training is the best workout for fat burning, where you need to alternate between a short burst of hard exercise and a short period of easy recovery. For example, after a 3-5 minute warm-up of moderate cardio, you’d do 1 minute at a slightly harder than normal cardio pace and then bring the intensity down to a cool-down pace for 1 minute. Alternate back and forth 6 times and then do a 3 minute cool-down. That is what interval training is all about. It’s short, fast, and effective. the natural

Studies have shown that interval training offers higher fat burning and weight loss than normal, slow cardio. In fact, not only does interval training work better for fat burning, but the interval training workouts are much shorter and require far less workout time than normal cardio workouts. However, many are reluctant to switch from ineffective cardio to fat burning intervals as according to exercise machines (which are not even 100% accurate), higher amount of calories is burned with the old way. wpid-5091317071_693575546b_b.jpg

They are also hung-up on the marathon mentality of always having an elevated heart-rate, which they think is the most important component of a fat burning workout. But that is not true. Instead, the most important workout factor is how much “WORK” is done. If you increase the intensity of the work, as you do in interval training, then you will do more work and put more stress on the muscles. Heart rate goes up and then comes way back down during recovery. By doing so, more fat is burned. What one should know is that the heart rate need not stay constant for 30 minutes for that to happen. banner_1[1]

One of the biggest problem many have with interval training is that they do not rest enough during the recovery period. Because they are addicted to an elevated heart rate, they skimp on the recovery, by either exercising too hard or recovering too little. This leads to a decrease in the intensity used in the work interval and that might lead to less total work or total fat burning done in that session.468X60_3[1]

Therefore, the quality and intensity of the work interval should play important role when doing interval training. This is to say the only time exercising is mainly done during the work interval. On the other hand, during the recovery interval , one should go as slow as possible without stopping. This allows your heart rate to recover and for you to be prepared to work really hard in your next work interval. So an interval training workout is a time of extremes. You should be going at a 8/10 or 9/10 intensity level in the work interval, and dropping down to a 3/10 in the recovery period. To give you a perspective, a normal 30 minute cardio workout would be considered a 6/10 intensity level. Try it out yourself!

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Personal Trainer, Why you Might Need One?

Gym woman portrait - weight loss
The Venus Factor is a diet and fitness system for the female body that has taken a new approach to weight loss for women The program has quickly drawn the attention of women across the world for its potential of reshaping the female body. Simply speaking, it is emerging as one of the most talked about fat-burning programs for women. A lot of women – especially women who have had children – you’re probably not happy with your body Weight loss for women is often frustrating and largely unsuccessful, and when you do manage to lose extra pounds, they just creep back on again.
Women are different because of the unique way the female body is designed to work, in order to bear
and nurture children. Women bodies are designed to store fat in the belly, thighs, hips and butt so that
they can have a healthy pregnancy in case…

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