What is the Truth about Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Health and Fitness
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The True Somanabolic Muscle By Cal

We live in a world of Fast Foods, Quick Fixes and The Perfect Body What is really behind the weight loss photos we see in Ads and marketing campains. on the billboards, the amazing transformation you see on the cover of People magazine, the “before and after” ad for the new diet pill with an asterisk next to the small print reading: *Results not typical.

I knew it because Courtney Cox went from being a lonely, dateless loser who breaks porch swings and didn’t have a prom date to a svelte and sexy crop top-wearing serial man-eater on Friends., Sarah Rue didn’t get the cover of any magazines until she dropped five dress sizes.  Whether you are seeing it on the silver screen or network cable, on the cover of a magazine or in the pages of a novel, the weight loss Cinderella story you are told is always the same. Lose the…

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