Extreme Weight Loss Solutions for Slimmer Body Shaping and Toning all in one course

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Health and Fitness
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With so many weight loss products available in the market today, it becomes hard for an individual to select the best one. Women, in particular, try their best to get rid of their bulky physiques and to look slim and trim in the shortest possible period but most of the time they end up buying low-quality products that make their physiques even worse.


I have examined several weight loss products over the years, but have never seen a weight loss and body transformation program, designed especially for women! Yes, you read it right. Only for women. Where all other workout and diet programs fail for women, The Venus Factor, promises to be their ultimate savior in getting a perfectly lean, toned and fit body. Designed by the world’s famous fitness expert, John Barban, the women-only product has already done wonders and has won the hearts of millions of individuals from around the world. They have discovered incredible body transformation within a period of 12 weeks, at the maximum.

Why Only for Women?

Some people think that it is easier for men to put on weight than women, however the truth is the opposite. Women’s bodies tend to store larger fat deposits, as compared to men, and this is why it becomes daunting for them to lose weight easily.  During the course of the program, John comprehensively this difference. According to him, women have a hormone called, Leptin , that rapidly decreases through dieting and causes a high reduction in the metabolism rate in the long run. As its content declines, women gain weight very quickly and find it harder to lose it in a short span of time.

How Does it Work?
The Venus Factor is a complete guide to an ideal body, and aims to provide utmost convenience to women, based around the world. It includes a detailed eBook that comprehensively defines every single step. The program further encompasses:
Main Diet and Weight Loss Manual In this manual you will get to know about how to maintain a balance between the internal and external forces. In addition, this system is designed in such a way that does not let you compromise on any of your former routine or eating habits. Instead, it allows you to have a pizza or ice cream, together with a glass of wine, every now and then.
A detailed list of top fat burning foods is also given along with their proportions that will help women in attaining their ideal body physiques.
The 12-week workout system It includes various exercise videos that you can follow in your homes or in a gym as per your choice.
The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist this is nothing less than a nutritionist that you might have wished to have, though it is a software app. Here, you will have to provide your height, weight, waist, age, shoulder size, daily exercise time etc as input and it will calculate how much calorie and protein is required for your body in order to lose weight. After that, you will be able to know about the Best Fat Burning Foods for you.


The Venus Community It is an exclusive members’ community. Here, you can get more information about Best Fat Burning Foods and Belly Fat Burning Foods shared by the users in their blogs. You can also start your own blog there, to let other people know about your experience, diet plan and workout techniques.  It is definitely not mandatory, and is totally up to your choice and preference.
The Venus Index Podcast-It is the place where you will be able to know that all the things that Venus Factor claims, are true. You can go through customer  reviews, and testimonials, sharing their stories and how their bodies transformed from fat to fab.
The exercise applications are confirmed in video clip images consequently it’s clear to see and also do each of the exercise applications correctly.
The program can benefit practically almost any lady, from almost any level of fitness. Simply retain good condition to be able to manage to accomplish your exercise applications.
The program isn’t concerning pounds and also weighing. Simply key in the top shape for ladies personally. The girl with not really rivaling others.
You should not matter calorie consumption every single child control herself many. Be prepared to enjoy the woman picked food, inside of cause, obviously.
Simply no expensive gym equipment desired, each and every is usually property exercise applications.
Consists of 2 weeks simple 100% money-back assure.
This diet element gives an abundance of freedom, possibly a great deal of freedom. Some women often have found a far more structured diet regime useful.
Venus Factor is focused on shaping the entire body and achieving excellent figure. If women’s are searching to relieve handful of pounds quickly the program is not to match their needs.
They have to stick with this system, workout hard having 100% dedication.
Only successful with women.
Electronic product only. No Physical products might be shipped for ladies personally. So she have to download them.So, order now and experience the body, you have always dreamt of having! It is just a click away.

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