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What you eat can drastically affect how you sleep, so in order to get a good night’s rest, it is essential to choose foods that calm your mind and body rather than those that stimulate you. Certain types of foods will naturally promote rest and relaxation

Foods such as turkey, hummus, lentils, and kelp are naturally high in tryptophan and also contain nutrients that provide a host of other health benefits. In addition, bananas not only contain tryptophan, but also potassium and magnesium, which are natural muscle relaxants. Fresh and dried cherries are also one of the only natural food sources of melatonin.

Foods that are rich in starchy, high-glycemic carbohydrates may also promote better sleep, as they help to stimulate the release of insulin and tryptophan and cause these sleep-inducing substances to enter the brain. According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, carbohydrates that are on the high end of the glycemic index scale, meaning they increase the body’s sugar levels rapidly, encourage sleep when eaten at least four hours before bedtime. Foods such as Jasmine rice, potatoes, carrots, corn, puffed cereal, and honey are some of the healthiest choices of simple carbohydrates.

Eating these various foods calms your nervous system and triggers a sleep-inducing hormonal response, helping you rest better at night. However, timing is everything, as eating a large meal too late or eating right before bed time can actually have the opposite effect and keep you up at night. It is best to eat these foods later in the day or at least one hour before bed time since it takes about one hour for tryptophan from food sources to reach the brain.

Above all else, it is important to avoid rich, heavy and high-fat foods within two hours of bed time, as they require a lot of work to digest, and may cause stomach trouble and heartburn. It is also wise to avoid drinking too many liquids, including water, juice, tea or other fluids, as this may result in frequent bathroom trips throughout the night. Caffeinated drinks, such as soda, coffee or caffeinated teas not only act as diuretics, but will also keep you stimulated and make falling asleep that much more difficult.

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Well in times of spring weather we can think of a lot of ways to go out doors to get in shape and that can be good since our body had been covered up all winter

 — Yes, it is finally spring. It seems that we’ve turned the corner on the wintery weather and can look forward to enjoying sunnier days and warmer temperatures.

Of course, now that we are thinking about warm weather and sunshine, our minds automatically go to summer.  It’s time so pull out the shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits. And while we look forward to the freedom of lighter clothing, we remind ourselves that we would really like to be in better shape so we can rock that summer attire for all it’s worth and feel comfortable to enjoy every moment.

While we get ready for summer, spring still brings some challenges in the weather department that can make it difficult to exercise outdoors at times. At Anytime Fitness  you can work out on your schedule. Fitness 24/7 is also open 24 hours a day, just as their name implies. They offer boot camp classes in addition to the anytime service, along with other amenities such as nutrition planning, spray tanning, and sports massage.  The third option is Coca CrossFit which offers a different type of workout. I’ve heard so many good things about CrossFit but have yet to try it.  This is a strength and conditioning program, using a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercises, and Olympic weight lifting to get your body into its best shape. You must complete a Foundations Class for coaching and safety reasons before attending any open sessions.All three of these facilities will work with you to meet your exercise needs, no matter your fitness level.



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